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Polished Perfection, Crafted by Florian Hurel.

Nail the Look

Indulge in a world where nail art becomes a canvas of expression, and elegance is crafted with precision. Florian Hurel Nail Salon welcomes you to a sanctuary of glamor and style, we ensure your nails become a reflection of your elegant and unique style.

What We Offer

At Florian Hurel we take immense pride in offering you not just nail treatments but an experience where elegance and glamor intertwine seamlessly. Explore our range of exquisite nail treatments, each designed to elevate your look and reveal your unique beauty. Choose from:

  • Therapeutic Manicure and Pedicure experiences that ensure your hands and feet are transformed into true works of art."
  • Classic Manicure or the timeless elegance of a French Manicure.
  • Gel Nail Extensions with a trained team to sculpt a flawless, enduring masterpiece.
  • Embrace the allure of flawlessly crafted acrylic extensions.
  • Nail Art options, which include Stickers, Chrome, Stone, and dazzling Glitter enhancements.

With us your nails will radiate both durability and sophistication.Express your creativity with our artistic nail enhancements. Experience precision in every stroke.


Nail Care

Artistic Consultations

We believe in the artistry of nail care.Step into our salon and experience a world where every nail is a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.

Ready to pamper yourself? Contact us today for an appointment and let Florian Hurel Nail Salon become your go-to destination for nail perfection.

Creative Hours

  • Monday to Sunday
    10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

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