Scalp Treatment.

Revitalize Your Scalp, Reignite Your Confidence:The Florian Hurel Promise"

Scalp Euphoria: Embark on a Haircare Odyssey

Step into a realm where scalp care becomes an art of rejuvenation and beauty. Florian Hurel's Scalp Sanctuary invites you to immerse yourself in a haven of luxurious pampering and personalized care. Here, we meticulously craft scalp treatments to unveil your hair's natural radiance and elegance, ensuring each visit leaves you feeling renewed and empowered.

What We Offer

Meet us at Florian Hurel ,where cutting-edge technology meets personalized care. Utilizing state-of-the-art analysis devices, our skilled stylists delve deep into your hair's health, identifying any underlying issues such as build-up, irritation, or excessive dryness. With precise diagnostics, we tailor a bespoke treatment regimen to address your specific needs, ensuring optimal results and hair vitality. Choose from:

  • Dry Scalp Treatment, bidding farewell to rough, parched hair and embracing the lushness of silky-smooth locks from our specialized therapy.
  • Say goodbye to excess oil and hello to renewed confidence with our Oily Scalp Treatment ,unveiling hair that feels light, refreshed, and full of life.
  • Combat the pesky nuisance of dandruff and reclaim your hair's natural beauty with our targeted Dandruff Scalp Treatment.
  • Hair Fall Scalp Treatment harnesses the power of specialized techniques and nourishing ingredients, stimulating hair growth ensuring your hair stands strong against breakage.
  • Nourish your hair with our Hair Care Rituals from rejuvenating Cysteine and Eco Brazil Cacau to the transformative Smoothing & Botox treatments.
  • As a bonus, elevate your experience with our FaceGym workouts, designed to stimulate muscle contraction and improve skin tone

Scalp Treatment

Specialized Consultations

Unlock the secret to radiant hair and renewed confidence with Florian Hurel's scalp treatments. Book your appointment today and embark on a journey to hair health and vitality like never before. Please contact us for a consultation.

Rejuvenation Hours

  • Monday to Sunday
    10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

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